Sunday, June 29, 2008


As pathetic as it may sound, I am on my laptop using the somewhat unreliable free wi-fi at the Palazzo lobby to bring you this news flash: The blue tape is GONE! OK, I'm also trying to shed the impact of a delightful Pimm's Cup cocktail I just had to try at Cut for a Vegas Magazine story on Vegas mixologists before I drive home so I went to the atrium connecting the casino to the lobby to look for the infamous BLUE TAPE.

That such a high-end property would forget to remove such an obvious symbol of its construction has been mock-worthy for months. My first reference to it came in March thanks to astute reader Troy, who shot the photo in this posting.

It was there as recently as May 27 when I posted this, but now it is GONE! See!

It used to look like this:

I took a shot of the whole atrium just in case I was missing something. See?

Who knows how they realized they had to remove it, but the only place where I know of that it was discussed was on various Vegas blogs and various podcasts.

Now that that's resolved, we need to move on to more important matters: Why on EARTH does it sound like a church organist is having an orgasm in here? God, this music is hurting my head. Wait, is it that music? Is there such a thing as a pre-hangover?


HollowBeThyName said...

stunning. what will Steve Wynn do next ?

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Oh blue tape. I knew you well. And will miss you so.
RIP little blue tape.
Now I gotta go find some more shit to make fun of.
Ok so the camel from in front of Sahara is gone and they now have some disgusting looking signage.
I saw the poster at Flamingo last night for Donny and Marie. Wow her teeth are big.
We have already discussed the "shout out" at Wizard.
We can talk about Danny Gans but perhaps we'll get sued and he sucks and I don't want to talk about him but to say this-
Heather- "Maybe Gans is a generational thing?"
Heather's mom- "No. I am old and he sucks."
There are still Wohscigam signs on the back of taxis although that show is closed.
We can talk about the racial profiling at Flamingo parking garage.
Or the footprints on the ceiling of the parking garage at Sahara.
Oh, I'll think of something good to make fun of. Just give me a minute.

Ryan said...

Good to know... I was walking through over the weekend, trying to find it... I just figured I didn't know where to look.

Anonymous said...

Good thing this was at Palazzo. If someone had taken blue tape down from a Harrah's property, people would be demanding to know if they had a permit to remove the tape.

Amy said...

Hey, I'm just glad to find out it wasn't load-bearing blue tape.

Anonymous said...

Who has the time to worry about blue tape in a almost finished construction site. Don't these individuals have a job or a reall life to be worring about trival items in a world with bigger issues???

Get a life!!!

Long time Las Vegas resident.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

It's not an almost-finished construction site. It's a resort that's been open for business for six months charging thousands of dollars to thousands of people. Is it important? No. Is it entertaining? Of course! Adelson makes a lifestyle out of opening late and unfinished, so this little thing was a funny bit. It's especially amusing if he's going to hype his joint as the most beautiful resort in all of the world and insist on how attentive they are to the details. It's like if Heidi Klum anchored Project Runway with a fleck of spinach in her teeth. She's still hot, but someone would be fired.

Bay in TN said...

Now I really want to see Heidi Klum with spinach in her teeth, and I want Heather and her mom to be providing the commentary thereof.

Speaking of -- Troy, come back to the chat! We miss you and Heather!

Anonymous said...

Hey... Downtown Bob here. The blue tape is stuck to the roof of my laptop right now.

Some anonymous person said "Don't these individuals have a job or a reall life to be worring about trival items in a world with bigger issues???"

Sure, we do. But some of us enjoy our free time in casinos, and when we do we take notice of the unusual, in this case strips of blue tape. We have a real life, and to show for our extracurricular activities, we also have the blue tape. And a free room.

-Downtown Bob

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Wait wait wait. Did Bob mention the Blue tape to someone at the resort and they took it down and to show there apreciation they comped him a room?
Is that what I am understanding?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's more hilarious, a billion dollar hotel leaving up blue tape for months (they opened in JANUARY, right?), or someone DEFENDING that they left up blue tape for months.

Anonymous said...

oh no whats funny is the blue tape was there and palazzo is already on doing great!