Thursday, July 3, 2008

Show is UP: The Wayans To Leno

Enjoy this extra-long show! My L.A. Times profiles of Leno and Wayans can be found here and here respectively. Click on the date to hear it or right-click to download the show and listen whenever you want. Or subscribe via iTunes here or via Zune here:

July 3: The Wayans To Leno

Jay Leno has always been comfortably inside the lines of mainstream American comedy while Damon Wayans has built a family business out of going out on a limb. So what do these two comics have in common? For one, both are performing in Las Vegas this month. For another, they’re both on the show this week. Leno reacts to questions as about why he’s not more respected by the entertainment media while Wayans tries to explain the method to his mad career.

In Banter: Steve Wynn's cocktail, Steve Friess' drinking binge, Harrah's environmentalism, Penn v Angel and a George Carlin tribute.


Get tickets to Damon Wayans' Orleans show here
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Learn how to make Steve Wynn's favorite cocktail here
Check out the Downtown Cocktail Lounge here
Read Penn Jillette's diss Criss Angel here
Learn more about Noir Bar at the Luxor here
The site for Miles' would-be obsession, Clean House, is here
Steve's scoops on the blue tape and the Criss Angel delay is here and here
Read how the AIDS Rides turned out to be a scam here
Read Harrah's press release on their WSOP carbon-credit buy here
That 7/1 WSJ piece on Vegas casino debt is here
See the George Carlin clip we played on the show here
Watch the whole Wayans three-titties routine excerpted on the show here


Dave Lifton said...

I saw Carlin do that routine twice in Vegas. He did not use a TelePrompter.

El said...

The Carlin bit was incredible.

The Leno interview almost left me with more respect for him. Almost. Not a fan. Great interview though.

Wayans was disappointing. He seemed sleepy, evasive and/or not very into it... Then the publicist or handler chiming in at the end and interrupting... Blurgh!

Thanks for the show guys.

Anonymous said...

I read recently that almost all Casinos do have a crew separate their garbage. They said the savings for them was from retaining accidentally thrown out items such as silverware, china, etc. The recycling thing was just a side benefit. Jeff in OKC