Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dog Bites Man

This has nothing to do with Vegas at all but it is funny: Barbra Streisand's publicist just sent out a release indicating that she's endorsing -- wait for it -- Barack Obama. I am just, just shocked. Floored.

Here's the part I love: "
We've had a number of press requests as to whom Barbra Streisand is endorsing in the presidential election."

Really? Is zero a number? Who are these journalists waiting with baited breath to hear how Hollywood's most famous liberal might vote? Even her publicist seems to concede you're an idiot if you don't know. "
It was naturally and correctly assumed by inquiring media, following the determination of the Democratic nominee, she is enthusiastically backing Sen. Barack Obama," the rep writes. "And that is certainly the case."

If you really care, you can find out WHY here. And if you actually do click on that link, you are even gayer than the poor, humiliated mammal to your left. Or Miles. (Sorry, Miles. Just checking if you actually read my blog.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve:

Actually, this is news. As you know, the Democratic primary was a hotly contested race, and there are many vocal Hillary supporters who have vowed to support and vote for John McCain. Barbra was a HUGE Hillary supporter, so it is actually pretty big of her to put aside any bitterness over the outcome and support Barack. I hope her statement will encourage more party unity.

That said, I guess I am gayer than the dog....or Miles. ;-)

Anonymous said...

No one really thinks those vocal Hillary supporters are going to go to the McCain side. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Does that dye hurt the dog?
Jeff in OKC

Troy from Las Vegas said...

I wonder if Miles reads the comments too?


Troy from Las Vegas said...

Why do we live in a world were anyone gives a crap about what Barbra Streisand thinks or who she is voting for?
Is she really that in tune with world politics?
I would think we should listen to people like Anderson Cooper or Tom Brokaw.
Or better yet, pay attention and make our own decisions.

Frankie J said...

WhAt's up with Babs' boobies in that pic, Steve?

Brian said...

I just love that, in one post, Steve got in digs at Barbra, poodles and Miles. That's beautiful.