Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Blue Tape, A Love Story

(UPDATE, 9:10 a.m. 7/3: Bob's removed his post. See his comment, No. 9, here.)

Some guy named Downtown Bob claims on his blog he paid some maintenance men at the Palazzo $100 to fetch him the blue tape. I'm dubious but amused nonetheless. Do you believe him? Read all about it here.


Troy from Las Vegas said...

(Steve- The link does not work right now. There is an error message saying "no such post matches criteria.")

Downtown Bob- (If that is your real name...) Let me say this to you- If this is true you are a killjoy, a jerkoff and a jackass. Why would you do something like that? Were you the chubby wanna be nerd who had an older cousin who told you there was no Santa Claus so you went about the schoolyard telling all the other children your big discovery?
How many other things do you go about ruining for people?
Or are you a liar knowing there is no way you can prove this? Unless you have a recent receipt for a comped room there that you would like to post on your website.
Having worked in casinos long enough I am pretty confident you don't just walk up to a random mantainance guy and say "Here's a hundred bucks. Get me that tape." So then he has to get a work order and a huge scissor lift... Oh and then how did the comp work out? Did you stroll up to the front desk and tell them you bribed the maintainance guy to actually do his job?
Ok, I take back the killjoy, jerkoff and jackass comments and just think you are a liar.