Monday, July 20, 2009

10 Vegasish Questions For Monday

As you know, I collect images that are odd, funny or perplexing. So here's 10 head-scratching questions to start off your work week:

1. What "tram" is there now or ever was in the parking garage at Harrah's?

2. Did the rest of the word "Caesars" fall off of the Octavius Tower or did they just think, "Aw, screw it, we can't afford the rest of the name?"

3.What is this? It's immediately north of the Rio on the north side of Twain West. Never noticed it before.

4. Is this really fair warning of a spoiler?

5. How much money did the Steve Wyrick folks spend to put these Lord of the Dance ads all over town only to kill the show even before Mike Weatherford could review it?

6. Why is the Four Seasons allowing Baumann's Rare Books at the Palazzo to showcase its wares in its lobby?

7. Along the same lines, why is Beyonce on the cover of the summer issue of Caesars Player, a high-end glossy magazine for Harrah's high rollers, when she's playing this month at Wynncore?

8. Do you get it? Took me a couple of seconds.

9. Should I 'Friend' this man? Would he Friend me back?

10. Whose hair is more frou-frou-y?


Anonymous said...

I believe 'Tram' @ Harrah's is referring to the monorail.

The Twain project is Desert Blue, no?

- Hunter

Michael said...

Nice stuff for a Monday, at Caesar's last week and it was my first thought when seeing the magazine, why is she on the cover with the Wynncore concert coming up. Although cross promotion of acts used to be much more regular, prior to HET and MGM owning 75% of the strip.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff for a Monday, Steve. Thank you.

Jeff in OKC

Anonymous said...

Hunter is correct. Wyndham has put the project (which was to encompassed three towers) on indefinite hiatus.

Amy said...

Hey, funny. a perfect way to start the week.