Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And away we go...

We're about to go out with our first press release on the Michael Jackson benefit concert and all I can say is that I am just exhausted. It's only been two weeks since Erich and I landed a venue, the Pearl at the Palms, and in that time the entertainment lineup has been in a great deal of flux. The show itself will undeniably wonderful and we have a number of prominent performers discussing their participation, but because of the compressed time frame and the need to get tickets on sale on Saturday, we've gone out with the lineup we have now. So much more will follow, including additional events on Aug. 29 at the Palms.

Also, we changed our minds about donating the proceeds to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation largely because for some reason that charity specifically does not distribute money to Nevada public schools. Instead, all the money will be going directly to the Clark County Public Education Foundation and earmarked for specific music-education programs. Given how much the budgets have been slashed this year thanks to the recession and other state funding problems, the need is especially urgent and fits squarely in co-producer Erich Bergen's vision. Dozens of school recitals are being canceled and students in lower-income areas share instruments and can't take them home to practice. It's also great because they'll set up an account and receive the money from the box office, which pretty much allows Erich and me not to have to handle the funds. Much easier.

The most telling moment was when I sat down in a friend's office last week.

Her: How's it going?
Me: It's [long pause] stressful.
Her: Uh, yeah. You sounds surprised.
Me: Actually, I am.
Her: You didn't think this would be stressful?
Me: Honestly, I really just thought it would be fun.
Her: Oh, my dear boy...

Yeah, well. I'm often naive. But I also know we're going to put on a wonderful show and raise money for a terrific cause. More, as they say, to come.


Roberta said...

It is hard. And you made the right decision to keep the money local. It will be wonderful, and it will all work out at the very last moment...