Sunday, July 19, 2009

"The best-paid job in all of Las Vegas"?!?!

This advertisement...

appeared in this morning's Review-Journal. (Click on it to see it bigger). I assume it's been appearing for days since the first "auditions" took place on Friday, but I've been derelict in my newspaper reading this week. The "most exciting job" claim reminds me a little bit of the big hullabaloo a few months back about where an Aussie tourism agency put out the call for "the Best Job in the World," blogging about life off the Great Barrier Reef for a time.

That said, this is very, very strange. What could they possibly be hiring for? What would the folks at Panorama possibly need someone to do for which they will earn "up to $800/day" or $242,000 a year? And, even at that level, the boast of this being "the best-paid job in all of Las Vegas" is blatantly untrue. Just ask, say, any of these folks. Plus, the wording here makes it sound like there is one (1) job, not that they're auditioning for a range of things.

Yes, I am an investor, along with my dad and his friend, in a Panorama unit. I've not seen any traffic in board minutes but, to be honest, the thought of this sinkhole of an investment makes me so sick I rarely read the communications. But I will give them a call tomorrow and see what this is all about.

In the meantime, any ideas? Anyone?