Saturday, July 25, 2009

People On Line At Box Office!!!

Erich and I told one another yesterday not to over-expect on the first day of ticket sales for "Las Vegas Celebrates The Music of Michael Jackson." All week, we kept telling ourselves we needed to make it to Saturday and we'd be on our way, onto the next phase of this crazy project that's only about three weeks old.

Well, tickets go on sale in 8 minutes. And even though they could have stayed home and bought their seats for our Aug. 29 benefit online, there is a line at the Palms box office as I type. (Buy yours here.) The box office manager Tweeted us this image:

That was about an hour before ticket sales began! And we're not even done yet firming up the total lineup! I mean, we added a cameo by Holly Madison this week, but these don't look like Holly fans, do they?

What's also funny is that we learned earlier today that Channel 13 was sending a camera crew to the Palms to film the start of ticket sales. This actually made us nervous. We assumed most people would buy their tickets online and there wouldn't be anything for Channel 13 to see and this might prove embarrassing for us.

All I can say is, Wow. This was an extremely stressful week and this response makes it all worth it.

Thanks to Dayna Roselli at Channel 8 for this report:

Alicia Jacobs broke the news on Thursday night with this:

And this is just gratuitous -- my co-producer singing Britney Spears at the Liberace Museum:

Memo to Erich: If something awful happens to Britney Spears and you decide to do one of these things, you're on your own. :-)