Monday, February 8, 2010

BREAKING: NFL spanks CBS over Kia-Vegas ad

[NOTE: Boy am I embarrassed. I somehow misread the R-J thing on the prostidude. Several times. And, evidently, so did some of you. Mea culpa. I'll leave this post intact so you can see what a dope I am. Apologies to Mr. Brean. Still not pleased with Weatherford, though. And looking forward to seeing how the R-J handles the NFL-CBS-Kia topic in tomorrow's paper, if at all. -sf]

I promised I'd get to the bottom of this and, sure enough, I did. Portfolio.Com just posted my piece on how the Vegas content got in and stayed in the Kia Sorrento ad that appeared during yesterday's Super Bowl. Much more than that, however, I landed this money quote from the NFL's Brian McCarthy:

“CBS sells the ads that appear in the game. We did not see this ad before it aired. The shots of the casinos did violate our policy and we have since addressed the matter with CBS.”

Ouch. Still waiting for CBS reaction and will update my story when I do.

Also waiting for the Vegas press to rip off my work or ignore it altogether as they've been doing a LOT lately. For instance, imagine my surprise to see this in Sunday's Review-Journal:

How odd that (a) Mandy Stadtmiller provided the first name of America's first legal manwhore while I provided the entire name and more biographical detail a week sooner but (b) Henry Brean apparently feels the New York Post is in general a more credible or worthy source than me. Mike Weatherford pulled this crap, too, last month, when he interviewed Bette Midler and asked her about possibly moving to the Wynn while pretending that my discussion with Steve Wynn about Bette in which the seed of this very idea was planted had never happened.

The only way I'll be getting any credit for this NFL thing is if Norm Clarke covers it again tomorrow. The rest of these folks are too insecure to acknowledge that they're not the only ones who matter in this media cesspool. By contrast, take a listen to my interview with Cirque CEO Daniel Lamarre or read my Cirque cover story, both of which include mentions of competing journalists and their Cirque-related scoops. That's just good journalism and it boosts credibility.

But let's end on a happy note, shall we? Thanks so, so much to MikeCH for answering me so quickly about this:

I could not recall what film this formation was from. Turns out, many, but the one on my mind was The Right Stuff, of course.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes folks honestly come by information independently and don't know that Steve has already reported it, so I don't think you should kick Henry on this.
That said, Friess is always the go-to guy for this kind of intel, so it makes sense just to check if he's already reported this facts - days, weeks, months earlier.
And Steve's right, of course: Sourcing another reporter doesn't undermine your credibility. It's honest and makes you look like a grownup.

Dan Kane said...

IF there's a journalist in Vegas who doesn't have this blog bookmarked for daily reading, I'd be shocked. There is no question the folks at the R-J check regularly and if they don't then they're committing malpractice. It would be like people at TMZ not keeping up on Perez Hilton.

Anonymous said...

If all of you people commenting are journalists in Vegas, I'd be surprised, as your reading comprehension skills are terrible.

I read over the "news clip" several times -- where is Brean "stealing" from Friess, exactly?

He's identifying the SECOND CUSTOMER for Markus the prostidude; not the prostidude himself. All of the information is taken from Stadtmiller's NY Post story experience, something Friess himself did several days ago.

What is Brean supposed to have stolen, exactly? Is Friess the only journalist in Vegas who has the right to comment on this Stadtmiller scenario, or should that right be reserved for all six of the people reading this blog?

GregoryZephyr said...

How does CBS decide which commercials they screen, then? There were several examples of commercials they rejected but the fact that this one was not rejected seems to suggest that they only follow their rules when they feel like it or the advertiser is somehow suspect.

I can see the conversation in the CBS office, "Oh, Kia wants an ad? They make those boring econobox cars, right? Yeah, go ahead and slot them in."

Jeff said...

So, this Kia ad thing. What's next? What can the NFL do? Can they fine CBS? KIA? The ad agency that created the ad? Is CBS even contractually obligated to review ads to ensure they meet another entities standards?

I think this is an interesting story within the Super Bowl ad stories out there every year. Certainly more interesting than the Tim Tebow thing.

Looking forward to the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

Friess: Re-read the damn news clip you posted from Brean. Seriously. I shouldn't have to do this twice:

"We now know the identify of Markus the prostidude's SECOND CUSTOMER ever at the Shady Lady Ranch brothel in Nye County. She was an undercover reporter named Mandy Stadtmiller."

Read that statements several times. Then read it several more, as it apparently still hasn't clicked yet.

Brean has never identified Markus the prostidude by his real name, nor did he attempt to. As far as I can tell, that name has never been posted anywhere on the R-J -- by Brean, by anyone.

He wrote that Markus' second customer was Mandy Stadtmiller.

Anonymous said...


Where is the sentence that identifies the prostidude? The "news clip" isn't identifying the prostidude, it's identifying his second customer, the NYP reporter. The clip calls him "Markus," his performance name. How is that identifying who the prostidude is?


Ut oh. Wow. You're right. Wow. Egg on my face. D'oh. Feeling dumb. Will fix.

atdnext said...

The NFL just has a ridiculous double standard here. They don't mind when CBS violates its own "no politics policy" to let "Why Don't They Focus on Their Own Damned Families" preach at us while denying any types of ads that seem the least bit "gay"... But then they freak out over a KIA ad highlighting Vegas? They're so full of it, and I'm sure Janet Jackson is getting a nice laugh out of it now that there's a CBS-NFL-Super Bowl controversy that doesn't involve her breasts. :-D

Maybe if the NFL weren't so prudish, they (and CBS) would have made more money off more Vegas ads. Too bad, their loss...

Dan K said...

Can't wait for the R-J to EVER acknowledge a mistake as openly and publicly as you did here. It will never happen. Even if screwing up, you're a class act.