Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Only ? That Matters, Re: Paris Hilton is... what universe is this Monorail Station sign in any way useful, helpful or appropriate?

There's the vacuous socialite being arrested on cocaine possession charges, per this photo that TMZ.Com paid God-knows-what for. You whose life I don't give a damn about? Do you have any clue how thrilled I am to have left Vegas in time for this idiotic story? Or how proud I am that the Casper Star-Tribune, which Emily bought me here in Cheyenne as we proceed to Day Two of the Great Petcast Road Trip, had no trace of Paris' arrest anywhere in the Sunday paper?

What I do care about: How the Las Vegas Monofail gets away with a sign like this, implying there's a station somewhere in the vicinity. Hilton was arrested on the east side of the Strip across from Fashion Show, so outside Wynn. The nearest monorail station south of there is at Harrah's/Imperial Palace. How far a walk is that? I'm betting nearly two miles by the time you get to the backass of those properties.

Check out Google's view of this "public transit" option:

Are they kidding?

Also, are the COLOR Salon publicists from Wicked Creative kidding when they proudly tout in a press release Saturday this thrilling bit of news?

Aug. 27: Paris Hilton was pampered at one of Las Vegas' most luxurious salons, COLOR: A Salon by Michael Boychuck at Caesars Palace on Friday evening. Hilton, a longtime client and friend of Boychuck's, had her signature platinum blonde tresses perfected by Boychuck and his team.

That was accompanied by glamorpuss photos. It's very instructive to know where to go to make sure that county jail mugshot looks just right!

Anyhow, the road trip has been fabulous. We put in 850 miles yesterday, and I've posted loads of pictures and comments via Twitter. This was mile 530:


Off to see the Cheyenne Capitol, then we drive to Lincoln. Have a great Sunday!


Dan S. said...

Maybe the monorail sign is left over from the cancelled shuttle buses to the convention centre, which were very usefull and are sitting unused in the parking lot.


Anonymous said...

I still say a coked-up Joey Heatherton in Vegas is still waaaaaay more fun than a coked-up Paris Hilton in Vegas!

Poor Paris, has to stay at the Vegas Hilton EWWWWWWWWW!
(as Steve has officially banned her from Wynn properties!)