Thursday, October 7, 2010

FBI: Vegas is #3 for terror targets

The Las Vegas Sun has a piece today quoting a top FBI expert at a conference here saying that Vegas is the 3rd top American terrorism target. The quote from Geoffrey Williams, FBI supervisory special agent:
"Beyond New York and Washington, D.C., I would challenge anybody to say there's a city that, if you perpetrated an attack, would attract more media attention. Between the Strip, Nellis complex (an Air Force base and range) and Hoover Dam, we're a huge threat city."

Not a big surprise, really. I did a story on this for US News & World Report in 2003 and for The New York Times in 2007. I guess I'm due again, with this news, though, since it's interesting to hear it from someone like that.

Y'know what would be fun? I mean, if we weren't talking about death and destruction? To rank Vegas resorts as to where they belong on a list of the most appealing targets. Look at which the wire service UPI seems to think, given how they adorned their rewrite of the Sun's story:

Can't you just see Osama in his cave right now, plotting ways to take out the Main Street Station and the freedom represented by the chunk of the Berlin Wall encasing the urinals?

Personally, I figured Slots A Fun would be the first to go. Or maybe Circus Circus' demonic clown. Or, God willing, the F'blew.


Anonymous said...

Working as a Convention Worker ("contract employee")this doesn't surprise me at all. What is astounding is at HOW INCREDIBLY EASY II IS TO GAIN ACCESS during the larger Vegas Conventions!
Ex: CES, SEMA, MAGIC, etc.

(CES can command as many as 180,000 people while AVN has 30,000 the same week in January.)

I can't count how many times someone has asked me to watch their package or suitcase behind the reg counter & I've politely refused, citing security & liability reasons, only to be overruled by my manager on duty (who wanted to ensure customer service at all cost!)

Those contract security companies are also a joke! They are hands down THE LOWEST PAID EMPLOYEES IN TOWN AS WELL AS THE POOREST TREATED! Consequently I've seen many a kindly retiree napping at their post because this is the majority who is willing to do the job for such little pay.

Every convention/trade show has merchandise & equipment that has been delivered to the loading docks but never seems to make it onto the show floor. Laptops disappear at an alarming rate. Casinos have security cameras, but there usually aren't any located in the grand banquet halls or convention halls. Sometimes the lowly-paid contract employee security staff isn't even present at all during the night. Ex: one shift ends at 5am & the next scheduled security worker shows up at 7am, leaving a 2 hour security lapse most clients are not aware of.