Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parade of Vegas Stars To Shine For Reid?

I interrupt my writing marathon to bring you news that in a first -- but surely not final -- celebrity appearance in the Harry Reid-Sharron Angle race, Harrah's headliner Rita Rudner has narrated this quite funny campaign ad for the Senate Majority Leader.

Rudner put her name on a Reid fundraising email blast today, too, with cringeworthy lines like: "I love comedy, but Bush, Rove, Angle and these extreme Tea Partiers cannot be laughed off - we've got to work together to defeat them!" Wayne Newton has already offered his support, but who knows if he'll actually appear.

Can't wait to see who else from the Strip or other celebritydom might swoop in. Pretty doubtful Angle can get someone other than, say, Ted Nugent, to shill for her. Maybe that goofy band I YouTubed at the Searchlight tea party rally might make a visit?

I'd love to balance this post out with some clever or funny pro-Sharron Angle ad, but I haven't seen any. This below is the best I've seen from the right, and it's really not that great:



Anonymous said...

Didn't Sharron Angle open for Lynyrd Skynyrd recently? No, seriously.

David McKee