Monday, October 4, 2010

Tropicana To Build Ginormous Sign

The fine folks at the Tropicana are letting no moss grow under their toes as they remake their resort. The latest plan, which comes to the Clark County Commission on Oct. 6 for approvals, is the erection of a 40,950-square-foot sign on the northeast facade of the property. That's significantly grander than their current permission to have one 150-square-foot sign, so they have to get a variance.

According to the description in the public documents, it will involve projections of advertising "of on-premise information only" upon a 225-by-182-foot surface of the 325-foot-tall Paradise Tower.

Oh, and it'll have sound as well as video. And you thought Brad Garrett seemed big in "Raymond."

I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how it works, but here's the explanation:

"The video image will be projected onto the Paradise Tower from 4 windows, that house up to 12 projectors, enclosed within a proposed 544 square foot, 17 foot high modular structure located on top of the existing 27 foot high low-rise building, located 261 feet northeast of the Paradise Tower. The applicant states that the modular structure will be screened by an existing decorative parapet and will not be visible from the right-of-way. The video projection system will display a series of still images and brief full motion videos portraying events and promotions for the resort hotel. Some of the images may be accompanied by music, voice, or other sound effects."

County staff recommend approval but don't want it up and running for six months. They want to make sure this won't be a significant distraction to pedestrians or drivers. Which is, given the intersection we're talking about, really funny when you think about it.

One question, though: Will this be projecting into guest rooms? That's how it sounds, right?

[h/t Sparky of Las Vegas.]


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