Thursday, October 7, 2010

LVW Col: A Gaybashing Vegas Theater Owner

This LVW column's sure to kick up a fuss. Already, some supposedly liberal theater people are leaving comments making excuses for this outrage and the insult-hurler defends himself by saying he can define "faggot" any way he wants. Surely, he wouldn't imagine that about the n-word, of course. I'm not clear yet where to respond at the moment, so stay tuned. But here we go. -sf

Insurgo’s founder should be ashamed
of his gay-bashing message to a critic

This was a pretty horrifying week for gay youth in America. Aside from the Rutgers student who leapt from the George Washington Bridge after being surreptitiously broadcast having a dalliance in his dorm room, teens in Rhode Island, Indiana, Texas and California also killed themselves at least in part because of the anti-gay bullying they endured.

It reminds us that words don’t just hurt, they kill. And that’s why I am going to do something the Las Vegas Review-Journal refused to do; I’m going to show my readers, in full, a message posted to the Facebook site of Tony Del Valle, the R-J’s openly gay theater critic:

“you’re a piece of shit, man. i can take a bad review any day and i definitely have shit nights as an actor. but youre just such a fucking piece of spam about it all. you cant just write the review. youve got to demean, you’ve got to insult the company and the effort of doing it at all. the union redemption offering at the end was just faggoty pissy bullshit. it was womanly. seriously. fuck you.”

The person who posted that passage was...

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