Thursday, April 12, 2007

CityCenter Silliness

The folks who make these models for CityCenter surely have a sense of humor! I'm sure there are loads of inside jokes all over the place, and I think I caught at least two of them when I was at the CityCenter sales office the other day.

Above, you can see the base of one of the two leaning yellow Veer condo towers that will be at the center of the project. Look very, very carefully -- click on the photo if you must enlarge it -- and you'll see what I saw: Two vagrants leaning against the wall! Don't believe me? Look at this other shot of it up closer to your right. There's poverty at CityCenter! Finally there may be some place on the Strip to give away leftovers to the needy the way I always do in New York!

And, if they're NOT vagrants, what do YOU think they're doing?

Finally, take a look at the pool shot to your left. Who lays like that? What do you think she's up to?


manny in miami said...

they look too well-dressed to be vagrants, Steve, but I agree something fishy's going on. Drug dealers maybe? Waiting for a ride? Think that's blood soaking her shirt???