Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Baffling WHHSH Crapola!

Loyal reader/listener Lin in New Joisey spotted this shameful -- and completely inexplicable -- T-shirt from Key West. What the heck does that mean?!? Anybody?

Meanwhile, Gregory in San Francisco thought he found a violation while watching E! but it turns out, he found something much, much sinister. The ad he saw went: "What happens here, stays here? Not for the Vegas Visionary!" It turned out, it was for VegasVisionary.Com, a silly site where a guy who occasionally flashes a serious bald spot "answers" questions. But, Gregory, look closer -- it is actually a front for VisitLasVegas.Com, which is one of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority's own website. So it's the LVCVA, which "owns" WHHSH.

Still, it's worth checking out just for the sheer weirdness factor. Ask him if he's gay and suddenly a woman with a boa lands in his lap. I asked "Who killed Ted Binion?" and he donned sunglasses, muttered something then claimed he was channeling Elton John. I asked, "Where's the volcano?" and he said, "The rollercoaster at New York-New York, the roulette wheel at Caesars, the poker room at Wynn. Trust me, it's more action than you can handle." Nice to see he's not playing favorites among the big boys, but huh?!?


LinFromNJ said...

It's those silly Parrotheads.

LinFromNJ said...

That guy is really weird. I couldn't even get him to tell me the weather.

gregory_zephyr said...

Thanks for your in-depth investigation on the Vegas Visionary, Steve! I was afraid to check out the website in fear I would end up on some spam email list until you uncovered the real organization behind it. I tried it out and it is rather amusing. As a visonary, though, he seems strangely single-minded. Most of my questions were answered with a recommendation that I stay at the Mirage.