Thursday, April 12, 2007

WHHSH Violator No. 1 on "The Strip" LIVE tonight!

OK, he's not a violator. In fact, Jeff Candido and his co-writer Jason Hoff are probably the only ones who can legitimately claim to have used the "What Happens Here Stays Here" thing the "right" way since back in 2002, when they were young pups at R&R Partners in Vegas. (See my Boston Globe piece about them at the time.) Candido went on to a job with Arnold Worldwide, a very large East Coast ad agency.

Candido will join us at about 7:45 pm PT to discuss how WHHSH has affected him and why he supports our efforts to use it, uh, correctly.

Join us in the live chat at LVRocks.Com by clicking "CAM & CHAT" starting at 7 pm. We'll also have comic Joe Piscopo live at about 7:15 pm. Plus, the trivia question, a new poll and, as always, the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week. If you miss it, of course, the podcast will be up later tonight as always. Subscribe to it in iTunes or in Yahoo.