Monday, April 9, 2007

A long day

A very busy Monday that started at 7 am with an editor from the Christian Science Monitor needing me at said ungodly hour to look over the final version of my piece on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Then I caught wind that national adoption advocates are protesting the animated flick "Meet The Robinsons" and I convinced one of my editors at a major newspaper to let me do a piece on that that's now due by noon Tuesday.

So...that meant making an unscheduled battery of phone calls on that before updating my Las Vegas entries on USA Today's Vegas travel microsite, a once-a-month gig I have, and then running all over town taking a few more pictures for my forthcoming gay guidebook of Vegas. Then it was off to my publisher's office by 3:30 pm to go over the 100+ images I've collected or shot in the past week for the book before catching the 4:40 pm showing of "Meet The Robinsons" at Neonopolis and then racing to Applebee's (Las Vegas' Best Meal For Under $10, according to the LVRJ Readers Poll even though there's nothing on the menu so cheap) for dinner with Miles and "The Strip" podcast engineer Mark. Mark, the ass, is deserting us for a couple months to Bloomington, Ill., for a new job that requires him to move there for a little while.

Got home, edited and posted the latest ep of "The Petcast" in which we explain the pet food recall saga and watched the brilliant new FX show "The Riches." Oh! And I read the paper, though the only thing worth noting there is that the Las Vegas Sun had a piece on a program that puts homing devices on alcoholics and reporter Abigail Goldman wrote this brilliant sentence you'll never read in the news columns of a conventional daily newspaper: "Fry practically pickled himself last summer."

All in a day's work. Will have more time tomorrow to blog. All I have to do is write that "Robinsons" story and then start on a project that requires me to write profiles of all eight architects involved with Project City Center.