Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Drunk Cats, Sugar Sculptures and Taxes

So sorry to have been off blog duty the past day or so, but it's rough getting back to normal after all that hullabaloo. Plus, I haven't done my taxes yet and that's fast approaching, so right now as I type I am psyching myself up to look at my records and figure out what I need to give my accountant.

Which is as good a time as any to share this, a precious 12-second video of "Petcast" guest host Molly Ball's cat tasting Scotch. (And speaking of "The Petcast," the latest episode, in which Molly and Emily debate the ethics of using sea animals in counterterrorism efforts, is online.)

Besides, that, I thought this was pretty cool -- a mammoth sugar sculpture display recently unveiled in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Las Vegas. What's more, it's just the first of what is to become a seasonal display. Finally, a reason to go all the way out to Lake Las Vegas!

To crib from the press release: "Executive Pastry Chef Chris Hanmer designed and created two identical displays entitled, “An Unexpected Oasis” that are showcased in two separate wood and glass cases located in the hotel’s front lobby. Each showcases 45 orange and blue pieces created from 150 pounds of sugar. The entire project took Chef Hanmer more than 100 hours to craft by hand, using food coloring for the orange and blue hues. Hanmer began planning this project in October 2006, completing the sugar display creations in February. “When I lived in Washington, D.C., I often visited the Smithsonian Institute. There I discovered a true appreciation of modern art which became my inspiration for developing these pieces. Because I am a chef, it was the ideal way to combine my two passions – cooking and modern art,” says Hanmer.

Sounds like someone ELSE procrastinates instead of doing his taxes...


Gregory_Zephyr said...

The Press Release failed to note, however, that the sculpture would have only taken 50 hours to complete if Liz Taylor hadn't mistaken the nearly completed first version for her birthday cake and eaten it. Chef Hanmer was then forced to start over again.