Friday, April 6, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Wynn and the Bohemian Club

For those you who are unaware -- as I was before this leak came my way -- the Bohemian Club is a secretive 135-year-old society of very powerful businessmen, politicians and artists who share a common passion for fine arts.

My sources are telling me that Steve Wynn is an aspiring member and next weekend will host rather elaborate Bohemian Club event honoring Henry Kissinger that involves bringing in technicians and other staff to set up. Word is that it's sort of a spoof or roast of the Nixon's secretary of state. (Nixon, according to Wikipedia, was an honorary member of the BC.)

I have confirmed with Wynn publicists that there is definitely a Bohemian Club event next weekend and that Kissinger is expected. Beyond that, they couldn't comment. I suspect Wynn is already a member, given his stature and his art collection, but it's a secretive society so I gather nobody's allowed to say.

So, gentle readers: What rituals do you fancy the Bohemians conduct to haze their new plebes?

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Anonymous said...

Uh, maybe they make their new members poke holes in their most valuable paintings... oh, wait. Wynn would already be a member if that was it.

Gregory_Zephyr said...

The hazing ritual requires you to hang a print of "Dogs Playing Poker" and a glow-in-the-dark Elvis on velvet portrait in the most prominent locations in your mansion for 30 days. Then if you are accepted, the commitment ceremony allows you to burn them in your fireplace. How do I know this? Uhhh, shhhh I've said too much already.