Thursday, April 5, 2007

WHHSH Violation No. 4321325

We are going to attempt to document the overuse -- and misuse -- of the What Happens Here Stays Here (WHHSH) slogan starting now. Any and all of you, join the party. Every time you see a lame use of it wherever the offenders may lurk, email us or post a response on this blog.

Today's is especially shameful because it's in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which should know better and by and large is not responsible for the irksome abuse of a very smart advertising slogan.

To wit, atop a piece by Corey Levitan about how the Internet is being used to embarrass, entrap and otherwise observe Las Vegans, the headline: "What happens in Vegas ... goes on the Web"

Nails. On. A. Blackboard. Especially since this is a story that could be written pretty much anywhere. Oh, and as Miles likes to point out, the slogan is WHHSH, not WHiVSiV.


Goozak said...

I think you are looking for overuse of the slogan when actually talking about Las Vegas, but here's a quick Google search that shows OTHERS using it (although it's the WHiVSiV variation):*+stays+in+*%22+-vegas


Goozak said...

Oups... The url I posted is sort of trucated. I thought it would be clickable automatically.
Here's a live, Tiny version:

TheStripPodcast said...

Hey! Thanks for this. But you're right - I'm looking for overuse of the slogan as it pertains to Vegas, I guess, since as Miles noted in the show last night it's been used and overused by every single entity everywhere.

So, folks... whatcha got? Let's look forward, not backward, and see what's out there.