Monday, April 2, 2007

TheStripPodcast's Video Debut

Please, please be kind. Mark and I took some fancy equipment out to the Stardust on March 13 for the demolition and finally, we're ready to show you the "show" we did. It includes implosion footage we already put on YouTube as well as an interview with Bob Boughner, CEO of Echelon, the $4 billion project that will replace the hotel.

Please remember I'm not a TV person. The TV person in the family was at home in bed because it was the middle of the night. But he did dress me, awfully sportily in fact, and we produced this 12-minute show. You can click here to see it or subscribe to our show through iTunes by clicking here.

Whatever you do, definitely stick around for the ending when Mark and I are in his car. Very, very Blair Witch Project.

Don't know how many of these videos we're going to do, but this was fun to make even if it's full-on amateur stuff.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I realzied how CUTE Steve is. Mmmm. Miles is a lucky man.

Gregory_Zephyr said...

"It's like Nine Eleven without the tragedy." Great statement!

The interview was good, too bad so much background noise.

LinFromNJ said...

Nice video. I could not view it on my video iPod though. got a message that said it couldn't be played, even though iTunes downloaded it. I would have liked to save it on the iPod to view again. I have been able to view other videos on the iPod, just not this one. Any suggestions?