Friday, April 6, 2007

Get Married With Goofy?

Miles and I managed to avoid the tacky Vegas wedding by holding ours last month in a sensationally gorgeous suite in the Palms Fantasy Tower. But, of course, the cliched Vegas wedding is a hetero affliction to begin with.

Now comes word that Disney will officially host same-sex wedding ceremonies in its theme parks as well. So get ready for the advent of the cliched gay wedding. For some reason, the gays love Disneyland and Disney World, as seen by those huge Gay Day events each year. It'll start at $8,000 with upgrades for Cinderella's coach and Mickey and Minnie in formal attire. (What, can't get two Mickeys?)

Naturally, the right-wingers will have conniption fits similar to this bizarro fax that the "Rev." Fred Phelps of Topeka of GodHatesFags.Com sent in 2001 when something else Disney offended him. I was once the target of similar faxes and pickets during a summer internship in 1993 at the Topeka Capital-Journal when I wrote an award-winning piece on gay youth in the Kansas capital. It's fun!

Too bad Miles and I didn't know about this before. Maybe the very grumpy improv comic Wayne Brady, who was awful prickly with me on "The Strip" podcast last night, would've reprised his role as Tigger from way back when. Hear him explain how he, uh, got in character.

Congrats, by the way, to AfterElton.Com for pointing out Disney's discrimination and shaming them into changing their policy.