Saturday, August 11, 2007

Duck Poop Happens!

You might have been wondering why I used a word like "visage" in my prior post. I'll tell you why. It's because the word "face" has a "c" in it and my keyboard was unwilling to produce that letter nor its neighbor, "x." And why, might you ask, were those keys inoperable? Well... see these cuties waddling around on my MacBook Pro below?

Yesterday, my "Petcast" co-host Emily Richmond and I recorded out 100th episode. She surprised me by blindfolding me and bringing into the LVRocks.Com studio a special guest, a woman who raises ducks as pets. One was placed in my hands and I came close to figuring out what it was -- I said a baby chick -- and then we had our interview with the duck lady.

Nobody told me that ducks have a tendency to poop a lot. And one laid a nice pile right upon my keyboard. We wiped it up, thought all was fine. Then I was off to the cafe to write and the "c" and "x" were not producing c's and x's.

The c and x, it so happens, are really important. Without them, you can't CUT or COPY anything. They also make writing a 2,000-word piece on a guy named RiChardson from New MeXico a bit of a challenge. But I did so, copying the needed letters using the drop-down menu and pasting them using the CTRL-V function however many times I needed to.

Then it was off to Genius Bar at the Fashion Show Mall's Apple Store, where I opted not to inform my genius that I had damaged my computer by having a duck poop on it while podcasting.

"It seems there's some build up under here," he said cheerfully.

"Wow, what do ya know?" I answered.

The keys couldn't be replaced so the whole keyboard must be. Fortunately, it's under warranty. It'll take a few days, and I'll have a new computer. But until then I'm stuck using our old iBook G4, which I not-terribly-affectionately refer to as our Fisher Price computer.

Oh well. The show, which'll be online in a week or two, was fun. And the ducks were really cute, too. See?


LinFromNJ said...

Be glad it wasn't parrot poop. That's serious stuff.