Wednesday, August 8, 2007

To Bleep

The debate over this both in the blog comments, amongst my journalism colleagues via email and between me and Miles has been fascinating and valuable. But in the end we decided that this isn't the hill to die for, so the Aug. 9 episode of "The Strip" is now posted with bleeps and a warning at the beginning of the language to come.

However, I've done two unusual things. First, I've posted a transcript of the controversial discussion. You can read that here. Second, I've also posted a bleeped version of this sequence as well so that you can hear just this part if you wish to partake in this discussion and don't have the time at the moment to hear the entire conversation. Finally, Norm! of the Review-Journal has picked up the item and led with it today, so his take is here.

As I've said, I do all of this a bit grudgingly as I believe there are strong arguments to allow this to air without obfuscation. And I'll be addressing that in an essay somewhere soon.

The question now is, after all this hype, is the sequence as controversial as I've been making it sound. The folks in the chat on Tuesday night sure thought so.


Anonymous said...

this was a terrific interview. yes, it is shocking and weird that he'd say all that. but really, the stuff about president reagan was even more fascinating. thanks.

See Ya Later Sahara said...

Thank you for the eye opening interview. I have permanently crossed the Amazing Johnathan off my list of must see entertainment in Vegas. To call a person a slur (racial or otherwise) under any circumstances is wrong. This usage of racism under the disguise of comedy is just plain b***s***.

Johnny, now that you dropped the bomb on your career with this interview, please, oh please, don't try to therapy it away or go to the NAACP or Larry King to "apologize". Spare us please. You spoke what was in your heart and you can't take that back or apologize it away.

I'm going to take my black butt (along with my black, white and asian friends butts)down the strip away from the sorry Sahara until they bounce your ass on the street.

Kudos to the Steve for handling this trash with class. It was more than he deserved.

Mike said...

I think it is quite amusing how you made Jonathan's point exactly by bleeping out nigger but not honky.

Anonymous said...

i don't think honky has the same history of oppression or the anything like the same offensiveness to most white people as, as we know, white people have never suffered institutional bigotry for being white almost anywhere on Earth besides maybe modern-day zimbabwe. The more interesting question is whether steve would bleep 'faggot' or 'queer,' both seen as derogatory to gays but words that both steve and miles have used in jest. I'd like to hear them speak to THAT.