Monday, August 6, 2007

Imperial Palace Forever!

Despite the fact that Harrah's VP Jan Jones told me just a few weeks ago that the Imperial Palace is doomed and that it wouldn't be worthwhile to integrate it into their Total Rewards program, the Review-Journal's Inside Gaming column had an unsourced item yesterday stating that it's being integrated and getting room upgrades by the end of the year.

I can't be sure how to know who's right here, but I'm working on reaching Jones for comment.

The last time I asked, you might recall, she pricelessly stated:

"If you owned Imperial Palace, would you want it in your rewards club?"

Stay tuned...


Dave Lifton said...

How come she hasn't been fired yet?

dan kane said...

because she's got terrific legs?

ChrisR said...

This is good news, as it's a low rollers hotel in the strip... and vegas needs it low rollers as well as $100 a hand players to keep it's atmosphere.

Afterall, have you ever been in O'Shea's or The Casino Royale? Now those are -awful- places.

Dave Lifton said...

Good point, Dan.