Monday, August 6, 2007

Leo, Pam and Panorama

We finally closed on our Panorama unit today and, while there, I picked up a good tidbit or two:

* Leonardo DiCaprio: Leo will own on a floor not many above mine. Why "will"? Because apparently he's not closing for another couple of weeks or so while a series of "significant" renovations occur to combine the two units he has purchased. Note that we were told that there would be a $500 penalty per day past our assigned closing date. (We got done on time.) Ya think Leo's paying that? I sure hope not. Just knowing Leo's in the 'hood should help get us a better resale rate. Or maybe we'll keep our unit, move in and one day need a cup of sugar...

* Pamela Anderson: Just as she's something of a tease in the Hans Klok magic fiasco at the Planet Ho, she's also rumored to be a no-show for Panorama after all. Much was made of her buying a unit there, but from what I hear now, she's not following through and, one insider tells me, it all may have just been a publicity stunt. Pam? A publicity stunt? Really? I just cannot fathom it. That said, her unit is supposedly in Tower III, which isn't due until the end of 2008, so it's not entirely clear whether she's doing a now-ya-see-me-now-ya-don't act here, too.


Jon in Memphis said...

Steve - thanks for the hot shot of Pam. She can come live with me if she wants!!!