Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The $2,000 Dog Chew

We had a bit of a calamity yesterday. The battery went out on my left hearing aid while I was driving in the car with our adorable dogs, Black and Jack. I had to run into the drugstore. I took the hearing aid out because, when it's not working it's just dead weight sticking into my head, and I left it in the cupholder while I ran in. You know where this is going. See the picture above and guess for yourself which one looks operable.

Miles seems to think this was predictable, but I have many times left my aids on tables and counters where the dogs might get at them. Never in my 30+ years of wearing hearing aids, have I ever had a dog that showed the slightest interest in eating something like this.

Each aid, by the by, retails for $2,o00. Insurance covers none of it. But, happily, these are insured. And I'll be getting a new one in two weeks. That's a long time, though. It means when I use the phone for reporting, I either must use my headset with just one hearing aid, guaranteeing a headache, or I must use my amplified handset against my ear, guaranteeing a neck ache. Yay for me, either way.

I was really grumpy towards the dogs last night, but we made up today. I mean, look at them. Could you stay mad at them forever? (It was Black, btw. We think. Look how innocent he tries to seem, huh?)


dan kane said...

see, and it looks like the brown dog is the devious one...