Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good morning!

I don't usually comment much about gay issues directly in this space, but I thought this was pretty interesting. The religious right is having a total hissy over the above poster for San Francisco's annual Folsom Street Fair, a bit of a public gay orgy of sorts that those involve view as a celebration of alternative sexuality. It's not our sort of crowd -- any group of people obsessed with sex seem sad -- and I was initially in vague agreement that this version of Da Vinci's The Last Supper painting was a bit over the top (no pun intended). There are, after all, sex toys on the table and all. Yes, I'm a gay Jewish atheist, but does that mean I can't have good taste?

Anyhow, then Dan Savage, the sex-advice columnist from Seattle, offered this post on his blog. Apparently everybody and their brother's farmhand have appropriated this particular image, from Red Sox fans to knitters to, more than once, The Simpsons. It's really quite fun to look at, and reminds us of what a crock the religious right creeps are.

Oh, and this was my favorite from the collection so far:


Tom said...

OK is it just me or is "jewish atheist" an oxymoron. Just a thought.

Frankly, I am not a great fan of the "religious right" but I also don't like it when people lump everyone into one category and call them names like creepy. This is a great tool of the media to bash one group as a whole without distinguishing different points of view and having a meaningful discussion. I am sure that you wouldn't want all gay men to be portrayed as biker/leather sex freaks as shown in the picture. I can tell you that this is the common stereotype that is seen of gay men but most of them are not like this. We will never get to a meaningful discussion of these tough issues if people on both sides quit using negative adjectives to get their point of view across. Just my opinion

Ray said...

As a San Francisco resident, I'm proud to be living up to our tradition of being the living embodiment of the last five minutes of the Roman Empire. ;) I guess you and Miles won't be needing an invitation to our pre-Folsom cocktail party.