Monday, September 24, 2007

Did O.J. Kill Our Best Man?

The best man at our wedding, Adam Goldman, is an Associated Press staffer in New York and, before that, in Las Vegas. I regularly do Google News searches to see what he's been writing lately, and today this (screen shot above) came up. Apparently, last week the AP -- Adam's own news agency! -- offered an OJ-related Quotation of the Day. It gets picked up far and wide, largely automatically, by hundreds, if not thousands, of newspapers and/or their Web sites. Most have since taken this down, but thanks to Google's nifty cache feature, it lives on.

Of course, it was Ron Goldman slain at Rockingham in 1994. Adam, happily, is alive and well and most recently wrote this terrific piece about the reception to be enjoyed by the Iranian president during his NYC visit.