Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hair Today, Yawn Tomorrow

Wow. I really thought this would be a fun assignment.

I'm writing from the general session of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. A major publication asked me to come cover this. They thought it would be both informative and campy. And I'm sure I'll pull something out of all this that will be of interest. But this is actually serious stuff. Very, very complicated science about the potential for cloning hair cells and actually transplanting whole scalps. And, for camp factor, there IS the fact that these doctors were practicing surgery on melons earlier today!

OK. Gotta go. Write more later.


Gregory_Zephyr said...

Scalp replacement? Wooo hoo! So instead of transplanting the few hair follicles left on the back of my head to the top, I can get a whole new mane of thick blonde shag? Next time you see me I'll be sporting the Fabio look.