Thursday, September 6, 2007

About to take a little flight...

I'm about to go up in a little plane to tool around for a bit and see what the rescuers see. Will post some pix from that later on. And my latest piece for the NY Times will likely post in the next hour or so, so keep watch for that. Fun stuff -- interviews with several prominent people who know Fossett well, including the pres of the Boy Scouts of America, the former chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade and others.

Meanwhile, here are some pix of Minden. I love that there's this greasy spoon right there at the Minden "airport" and I have every intention of trying their milkshakes which, I suspect, are killer. Minden is actually quite cute and I'll shoot some more pix later of the downtown area, complete with old buildings and stuff. Makes Boulder City look tres moderne.

Also love how they've posted signs to stop the press from crawling all over them.

Click on each to see it closer. Later!