Friday, September 7, 2007

A Roving Reporter's Diet

As I was cleaning out my rental car in Reno this afternoon before my flight, pitching empty bottles and wrappers, I realized that I'd eaten pretty miserably while on this 48-hour Steve Fossett junket. I wondered if I could recount the horror of my diet since I departed Wednesday afternoon. I had, by the by, chopped up a nice salad and bought a pre-cooked chicken for dinner at our stead for that night, so when I'm not working around the clock I do like to eat somewhat properly.

Here it is, in order:

Wednesday evening

3 bags of Southwest peanuts in flight
1 cup of water
1 bag of spicy beef jerky
1/2 bag of gummy bears left over from San Diego trip last weekend
1/2 bag of almonds left over from SD trip last weekend
1 bottle of water
1 bottle of V8 tomato juice
1 bottle Diet 7-Up
6 Chicken McNuggets & fries, both w/ranch dressing
1 medium cup of half water, half light lemonade from McD fountain
1 stick of "5" Cobalt gum by Wrigley


1 cup of coffee
1 blueberry muffin
1 large orange-flavored energy drink
1 large AM/PM coffee of 1/2 French vanilla cappuccino, 1/2 regular coffee
1 bottle of V8 tomato juice
1 bottle of Diet 7-Up
1 box of Good N Plentys
1 package of Keebler soft chocolate chip cookies
1 stick of "5" Cobalt gum by Wrigley


1 bottle of water
1 bag of Famous Amos cookies
1 roast beef sandwich on sour dough with mustard & mayo
1 small bowl of mixed fruit
1 cup of water in flight
1 stick of "5" Cobalt gum by Wrigley

Total hours of sleep in 2 nights at the Best Western Minden: 6.5

Once I got home, I enjoyed the aforementioned salad I intended to eat on Wednesday with bacon ranch dressing with some diced chicken. Oddly, I wasn't hungry enough to eat all of it!!!

Tomorrow we're going to Bagelmania!!! Woo-hoo! Good to be home!


Dan Kane said...

the strange thing is that it's actually not that bad. A few boxes of candy and plenty of fluids. probably didn't even gain any weight the way you were going.