Friday, September 7, 2007

Fossett Sightings Abound!

Here we go... A minister near El Paso, Texas, emailed me this morning saying he'd seen Steve Fossett at a filling station down there in a Ford Mustang. He left his number, so I called.

The fellow, whom I will not name because I know he means well, explained he turned around and, "Boy gosh, that guy was Steve Fossett!" The man he saw pulled right out in front of my "source" in a vintage black Ford Mustang convertible and got on Interstate 10. "The guy looked a little spacy," I was told. "I wondered if he realized they're lookin' for him."

I am NOT making this up. He also said, "I sure hope it was him. I'd sure hate if we lost him. He's a great man."

I called Nevada Civil Air Patrol Maj. Cynthia Ryan, spokeswoman for the massive search, to let her know.

"We've getting those by the hundreds," Ryan said. "There's a psychic in Ohio who knows where he is and can lead us to him if we'd only follow her instructions. We have someone devoted to nothing else but these sorts of sightings. If they could only put this to work on the lottery. I guess we just have to delight in the diversity of humanity and give everyone their shot."

I asked if she wanted this fellow's name and number and she said, "No, not really. We can't even wade through what we have."

Imagine if Fossett is never found!


Bay in TN said...

I love that quote, "just have to delight in the diversity of humanity and give everyone their shot." What a gem the Nevada Air Patrol has in Major Ryan!

By the way, when my husband and I moved to our tiny little rural town 14 years ago, we could have sworn that Roy Orbison had taken up residence here, riding around on the backcountry dirt roads on a riding mower. And he was s'posed to have been dead for five years at that time.

But we never could get confirmation from that guy. He just *looked* exactly like Orbison... ;)

Anonymous said...

Ryan is joking, you jerkess! But we now all see your opinion and upbringing on race and Christianity. Guess you are one of them idiotic self righteous perverted mud thinkers!