Friday, September 7, 2007

Departing the Fossett Watch

Whew! I am done! After I post this, I'm going to take some pix of quaint Minden and then head to Reno to fly home. I'm off Fossett duty until there's some definitive development.

I just filed to the NYT website a piece based off my chat with Sir Richard Branson this morning. That material should appear here in the next hour or so in some form or fashion. I may post the audio from that chat later, although I suspect it's kind of rough as Branson and I were both on cell phones and he was in Europe. There's some real news out of this, including some of Fossett's future plans. If it doesn't get posted there, I may post some of what was cut here after I get back to Vegas.

Also, I just filed my piece for tomorrow's newspaper about Barron Hilton's Flying M Ranch with insight from some interesting folks who have been there. I imagine it'll post on the Web site in the next several hours, too. Quite a place.

In addition, I had a kick-ass chat with Peter Frampton this morning that was so good, we're playing it on "The Strip" next week and holding the Steve Wynn bit for another week. (Sorry, Wynn-o-philes, but your wait shall be rewarded, I pledge.) And if you don't care about Frampton, you should know I knew very little of him until about 10 p.m. last night and still I assure you you'll love this discussion.

OK. I'm out for now. The Best Western Minden needs my room for some other inbound journo.


Bay in TN said...

OMG! I can't wait for Tuesday night!!! I am a total blithering idiot of a slobbering fan when it comes to Peter Frampton. What a rock god!!!! Oh, the 70's would've sucked without his contributions. Almost all of which were shirtless. Oh, Steve, thank you for interviewing Peter Frampton!!!

Oh -- more questions: Does this mean he'll be playing in Las Vegas? Is it a lengthy engagement? Will he be willing to greet his adoring public? Can we have his... guitar picks?

Swooning, I swear, I am.