Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 7-11 Scandal

OK, OK. It's not a scandal. In fact, it's really kind of stupid. But still, it ticked me off and that's what blogs are for, yes? So here's my question: Is it legal to advertise for a product that DOESN'T EXIST?

I tore this thing out of the Review-Journal the other day figuring that I'm up early these days going to OJville and all, so maybe I can stop and try out the 7-11 iced coffee thing. Except that I went to four 7-11s (the first two in search of this, the third and fourth because I had to know) and nobody would take this coupon.

Why? Well, 7-11 does not have a 10 ounce cup of, from what I could tell, ANYTHING. It's a farce. They put a quantity on their coupon that would entice people to come in assuming that once they were there, they'd say, "Oh, OK, give me the big one." Or something.

That's mean.


Anonymous said...

Big company and a clear "bait & switch". I smell class action lawsuit! Make use of all that courthouse time and find a lawyer that'll give you a bird dog fee.

Jeff in OKC

Ryan said...

"Bird dog fees" are against the Lawyer's code of ethics and can get an attorney reprimanded by the bar.


Hi. I dunno what a bird dog fee is. Care to 'splain?

Anonymous said...

A bird dog fee is a payment to someone for poviding a lead to a business opportunity. I think executive producers, media coordinators, or consultants are a way of doing this.

Jeff in OKC