Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Vanity Fair columnist and celeb-justice legend Dominick Dunne is this week's guest on "The Strip," and we'll play parts of my conversation with him recorded Sunday -- the day before he fell ill at the OJ trial in Vegas -- on tonight's live broadcast of our show. The entire discussion will be included in the podcast version which will be up by Wednesday morning this time owing to the breaking news about Dunne and his health.

It's a terrific interview in which he tells one of the very, very best Steve Wynn anecdotes I've ever heard. I've made sure that that is part of what we do play during the live broadcast. For background on Dunne, read my Styles piece from Sunday's New York Times here.

Join us 7-8 pm PT at LVROCKS.COM for the broadcast and live chatroom. Or wait and get the podcast. Or both. Your call.


Judy and Dagmar Jenner said...

Great story in the Sunday NYT, Steve. It's great to look at the first page in Sunday Styles and see an article by our resident Vegas writer.

BobK said...

omg, the podcast was on itunes that night. Talk about a fast turnaround Steve.