Saturday, September 27, 2008

CityCenter Photo Update!

As many of you know, we are investors in a Strip-view 1-bdr at Panorama Towers, which stands on the west side of I-15 across from CityCenter. I've several times on this blog offered photo progress reports on the now-$11.2 billion project from MGM Mirage. You can see an aggregate of those earlier images here.

The reason I haven't been able to provide more frequent updates on this score is that we miraculously rented the money pit out in April 2008. And, predictably, it was to a turd who has now decided he doesn't want to stay. Fortunately, rather than disappear on us, he found someone else to move in immediately and sign a new lease, so the damage was minimal.

But I did use this interim moment to go see what damage the turd did to our place -- surprisingly, none -- and to shoot some new images. The top photo above is the broader view. Below is a direct-view look at the back of Aria with Vdara to the left. I assume the circles in the ground will be swimming pools? The one below that was from April 2008.

I think this, below, is a parking garage. I know the brown square all the way to the right is the power plant.

And here you can see where the Harmon overpass will bissect the project and, after that, the same shot from July 2007 when we closed on the property and April 2008:

Hey, maybe my new renter will be a deadbeat, too, and then I'll get to go back and shoot some more!!! We can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Since the turd didn't disappear, did find you another renter, and left the place in perfect shape, I'm wondering why you call him the turd.


If you knew what kind of hell this kid put us through from one month to the next and the ways in which he falsified his application, you'd understand. we got very, very lucky in a very, very bad situation. trust me.

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Being too lazy to look up and confirm if those are the pools or not let's just assume they are. If I was your new turd I would totally be getting that high powered telescope I have always wanted.

Troy in Las Vegas said...

very quickly I found this image of what the pool is suposed to look like. Looks like you are right and that is gonna be the pool area.

Anonymous said...

the building next to the pool is the convention center.

Anonymous said...


That high powered telescope has got me thinking. What kind of a deal could a peeping turd get there these days in this depressed or distresed market? Not asking what you are renting your flat out for, cuz that's too nosy, but since you obviously are in touch with the market at this moment, what would be the range of rents for some variously sized units?

Troy in Las Vegas said...

No Steve, that "Anonymous said... " from above was not me. :)