Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Donny & Marie Day!

No, really! Mayor Oscar Goodman declared it. Here's Donny & Marie accepting the proclamation from Flaming-O resort prez Don Marrandino, whom I caught singing along out loud as Donny crooned "Soldier of Love."

As you can tell, I attended the media opening tonight for the new D&M show at the Flamingo. I'll discuss it more on the next episode of "The Strip," but if you're really curious I sort of live-blogged the show and the meet-n-greet via my Twitter account from about 7-10 p.m. today (9/25).

Most important, though, my Miles-stand-in, Trevor, and I got to pose with the two of them...

...and so now I can die a happy man. Or something. My god that woman looks great, doesn't she?


Troy from Las Vegas said...

Actually Marie does look hit-able.
Just saying.