Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More weirdness in OJville - A book deal during lunch?!?

During the lunch break, I introduced myself in the cafeteria to Walter Alexander, one of the four guys who took pleas in the OJ case and one of the five who joined Simpson in his raid of the Palace Station Hotel room.

Alexander and his attorney, Robert Rentzer, were having lunch. Alexander asked me if I knew any book agents. I was confused but I said, sure, I know some. Alexander says, "Hey, after this is over, maybe you and me, we could work on a book together?" I was a little stunned since the guy was in the smack-dab middle of testifying and the defense was sure to attack him as a shameless profiteer.

Rentzer also heard alarm bells. He scolded his client to focus instead on his testimony. Very, very odd. Also, I can't imagine anyone buying that book. But that's a whole other matter.