Saturday, March 7, 2009

Best Newspaper Photo of the Year... far. Steve Marcus of the Las Vegas Sun is generally terrific, but this one shot that ran in the print edition today is just brilliant and should have run on the front page in color instead of on page 3 in black and white. It was just one of those great moments.

Classic.If you can't read what's on the bus, click on the photo and get a clearer view.

Of course, to appreciate the irony, you probably need to read the many stories by reporter Alexandra Berzon, who recently was one of three finalists in the "local accountability reporting" category of annual honors given out by the American Society of Newspaper Editors for her dogged coverage of the construction safety problems in Vegas projects. That's pretty impressive since she's just one person and she was edged out by a team of five reporters from the Charlotte Observer and was an also-ran with a team of five reporters from the Chicago Tribune. Brava!

Anyhow, check out Marcus' full slideshow of CityCenter-in-Progress photos by scrolling down on the Las Vegas Sun story by Berzon and Liz Benston on builder Perini asking its union workers to take a pay cut.