Sunday, March 1, 2009

No They Can't...

My friend Amy of GritstoGlitz.Com fame pointed this one out to me today. There's a place on West Charleston where they're doing $10 "Obama pedicures." I have no idea what that means and I tried calling the number and got a sort of creepy recording by someone who calls herself "Miss Tellulah" or "Miss Tremilla" and who intones, "Hello, how ARE you? I'm so glad you called." (Go ahead and call and you tell ME what she's saying.)

When I went over there, Amy had told me this was a sign outside a spa. And sure enough, this was the marquee:

So you have kind of an image as to what a spa ought to look like, right? I know I did. But, to get to your Obama Pedicure, this flophouse is the reputable Spa One:

Nice, huh? I think we should come up with a name for the colon cleansing. It costs $90 -- nine times the Obama pedicure -- so it would be kind of a bigger honor, no? Clinton Colonic, anyone?


Distractia said...

Colon Powell Clensing to go with your Obama pedi. SWEET!