Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Just Happened?

Two questions:

* For about 15 minutes, this blog was missing its postings. Everything else was there except postings. Anyone know why that would happen? And is there an easy way to backup blog posts so that if that happens again I'm not totally screwed? This is what was seen:

* That brings me to the second thing. The Google Adsense ad then and right now is for Las Vegas water heaters. I have not blogged or Tweeted at all about my recent water heater drama. I wrote about it on Facebook and in IMs with friends. And I guess I did some Google searching the other day for more information about what was wrong with the old one and then information on installing the new one, all of which I did myself. But how would the computer know to associate me or my blog with that topic? Is Google Adsense tracking everything I'm saying in every forum and using that to advertise at me? Isn't the spooky?


Anonymous said...

You hook up with me and let us publish your blog along with TWHT and Dave's