Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top Secret Tourist Tip of The Day

[Update: Checked with KNPR station manager Flo Rogers and the buffet passes are both for entry to the buffet AND to take the VIP lane in. Bid away.]

OK, I've been hyping the Nevada Public Radio Online auction for a few days and I do hope you all go buy my books and lunch with me there. But they just announced a pot-sweetener that is a really big deal.

All auction winners get whatever they're buying PLUS a pair of VIP line passes to "any Harrah's property buffet" according to the email they just sent out. That note also shows icons and links to Paris Las Vegas, Rio, Flamingo, Caesars Palace and Harrah's. I guess they didn't think anyone would want to risk their lives at the Imperial Palace buffet? Poor, poor IP. Always ignored. No respect.

But seriously, two passes at the Rio or Paris are worth about $50 right there. Do it!


Anonymous said...

VIP line pass or free buffet with line pass? There's a difference- one is a free buffet and the other isn't.