Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Kind of Vegas Cathouse

(FINAL UPDATE, 9:58 PM PT: The cats have been taken by one of our neighbors to a vet clinic nearby. I believe they'll fix 'em up and get 'em ready to be adopted. God, are they adorable! Here are two more pix I took today. I'm told they're probably about 5 weeks old. Not sure how none of us noticed them until this weekend, but oh well.)

(UPDATE, 1:38 pm PT: A woman from Heaven Can Wait called back. She said to leave the cats there untouched at the moment so they can nurse from their mom. If we try to touch the kittens -- which the momma can won't allow in this instance anyhow -- the momma cat will become disinterested. The lady promised help trapping, spaying and neutering but was vague about how to handle adopting out these kitties. She said someone may need to foster them for a while until they're adopted out. I dunno how Black and Jack - not to mention Miles -- will feel about that.)

Hi there!

I know I'm supposed to know about these sorts of things because I co-host a usually "twice weekly animal affairs podcast," but today I was surprised when my dogs spotted a momma cat hissing at them as she protected an adorable group of white and black kittens that are living behind a large tree pot and inside the foundation of a home on our block. I think I counted five or six in all. Nobody was home at that house when I rang the bell, and the next door neighbor had put some cat food and water out on their driveway. They, too, weren't home when I rang. It's unclear if they momma cat is someone's pet or what, but a responsible pet owner would (a) have had the cat spayed and (b) wouldn't have the mom and litter fending for itself outside. Right?

They're awful cute, yeah? But nobody was home at that house and I'm not entirely sure what to do. I understand it's kitten season but now I'm worried that if I call the HOA or animal control, these little guys will be hauled off to the shelter and put down. Anyone know what other choices I might have? I'm not sure Miles or I have an appetite to adopt one, although gosh they are handsome little critters. We're already got two 12-pound chihuahuas we got from the pound, Black and Jack, see?

Maybe we could name our kitty Poker?


Troy from Las Vegas said...

There are a couple of no kill shelters out there. Heaven Can Wait is the one that comes to mind right now. They will take the kittens to the local pet stores and sell them to loving homes.

NutJob said...

cute kitty! they are probably strays... But yeah, Bill Maher is great.

Amy said...

I hope Troy is right about the no kill shelter, but I thought there was a recent controversy about some strays that were going to be picked up by the city until the group that was caring for the cats pointed out that they would be put down. Here's the article. I just looked up Heaven Can Wait online, though, and it appears to be what Troy says. Don't know why they weren't considered an option for the other cat situation.

If you decide to keep one, Steve, here's a handy tutorial.

Anonymous said...

If the kittens are six weeks old, they're getting close to being of adoptable age.

The kittens sure are cute. I'd love to take the black kitten in, but unfortunately my living situation prevents having another pet. But it sure is tempting!

-david in seattle