Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From The Bad Idea Files...

Evidently not learning from the failed Hooters Hotel experiment, the folks at Hustler are looking to get into the Vegas hotel-casino game. Richard Abowitz has this breaking item on his blog today.

(I actually reported on "The Strip" podcast in Jan 2007 -- and Norm wrote it up -- that Flynt was seeking a liquor license for the former Chez Moi strip club, but I don't know what ever came of that.)

Sounds like a wretched, wretched idea. There's a reason there are no strip clubs in Vegas casinos, because there's something about them that offends the gaming-license dudes. And what the heck would be the point of a Hustler hotel without some hard-core nudity to uphold the branding?

Not to mention, if wives wouldn't book at Hooters, which is campy-sexy with redeeming chicken wings, how likely are they to book at Hustler, which is porno-sexy with unredeeming chicken hawks?