Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plaigarized by Perez Hilton?

So it looks like Perez Hilton found my post about Tina Turner going on tour of interest and repackaged it today. Except that he literally quoted from my prior blog post the part about "lolling about her Swiss home" without providing any credit or a link. He actually puts those words in Sophia Loren's mouth when, in fact, that was my paraphrase of what Tina explained.

Here's the screenshot below:

I'm happy to believe it was an oversight, but I've emailed Perez Hilton hours ago to both of the e-mail addresses I have for him reminding him that I was the one who brought him to Vegas for his first public appearance here and asking him for the courtesy of credit and a link.

So far, no response.


dan kane said...

scum. perez hilton is such a snake.

Anonymous said...

Perez is the guy who had a copyrighted image as his headline banner for 2 years until the copyright holder noticed and then had to sue. Miraculously the next day Perez had new header banners.

David F. said...

Sorry to hear that Steve, as Anonymous says, the only way you are going to get any sort of acknowledgement is a Lawsuit, I seem to remember reading that he liberally posted Paparazzo Shots without credit until he was sued over it, then suddenly photo agencies were getting attributed.

Perez needs to be brought down a peg or two, it will happen sooner or later…..