Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy, Busy

Crazy busy the past two days, which explains my absence from blogging on Thursday.

Yesterday, I had this New York Times piece run online about the congressional race to save Harry Reid. Confused? Read it. I also enjoyed Norm Clarke's attention on the plagiarism flap with Perez Hilton. There's more to say about that, but I'm not ready to get to it yet.

Today I woke early to spend an hour interviewing Frankie Valli for a print story and, I hope, to air on "The Strip." I'm also busy, while I wait for the exterminator to arrive, working on a follow-up to this Review-Journal report that the state wants Steve Fossett's widow to pay $687,000 for the search for her husband. And I have to get to the headquarters of Cirque du Soleil this afternoon to scope out a story I'm curious about over there, then head to the Flamingo to sign 500 copies of my book given to attendees of the convention of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. Then it's off to the PBS studio to appear on this week's "Nevada Week in Review" program.

After that, I think we're going to skip the media opening of "Jersey Boys" because I ought to go check out this year's Gay Pride Parade in downtown Las Vegas and we already got to see the show. If I've got the energy, I'll start tearing into Harry Reid's book. If not, I can do that tomorrow.

That's all. Bug man is here.