Monday, April 28, 2008

Harrah's Gets Free Two-Page Ad From R-J!

OK, OK, not really. But it is interesting that Harrah's Entertainment, which kicked the local newspaper out of its guest rooms and off its newsstands and has not bought a single advertisement* in the paper for at least two weeks was nonetheless treated to being the focus of another a fun-filled column by Corey Levitan. Levitan writes a weekly Monday feature in which he does odd jobs about town, and today he's a Julius Caesar at Caesars Palace. (I'm usually a fan of Corey's work; as with any such feature, there are better and worse weeks. This one seemed a little too obvious, but I suppose it had to be done sooner or later.)

Of course, I do not advocate journalists ignoring Harrah's in retaliation for being retaliated against. It just struck me as interesting, is all. But hey, the publisher is evidently the last one to even realize he's being punished anyway, so whatever.

Two other things in today's paper. First, Norm Clarke picked up the item about Wynn and the golf course. Yay for us. And Doug Elfman had a terrific take on Oprah, Tina and the toilet chatter, too. Yay for Doug.

Oh, and many folks know I love my comics. I still read "For Better or For Worse" daily even though it long since lost its footing in realistic human interaction and this one cynically funny blog has forced me to look at it in a completely different light. But even given all that, I couldn't quite figure out why strange old John here thought it was romantic or sweet to show up with this massive pot as a floral surprise? Hasn't anyone in that art studio ever heard of a bouquet? She needs TWO HANDS to hold it! How is he ever gonna get any from her THAT way?

OK. Enough loitering. Back to work for me.

* There have been ads for the Harrah's Foundation, a non-profit arm not operated by the same corporate folks.


Anonymous said...

I am confused about how Norm listed your podcast site. It looks like you have changed the name from thestrippodcast to vegashappenshere. I know you did the blog, but is the podcast site changing too? Jeff in OKC


No. Norm just misunderstood because, to make it easier, i told him that both the blog and podcast can be found at VegasHappensHere.Com.