Monday, May 18, 2009

Cool Plates!

I stopped in at the Las Vegas Chip Collectors monthly meeting last week for an upcoming story. On the way out, I noticed these brilliant plates:

Fun, huh?


Anonymous said...

You need 'VEGASHH' or something like that.

I have my blog name on my CA plates. It occasionally gets a chuckle from Vegas casino valets.


Anonymous said...

Chip collectors convention is always a great visit. Unfortunately much of the stuff that was worth something is not anymore due to the downturn, but you buy it because it brings back memories. The Ebay market on this stuff used to be hot, not anymore, tons of Vegas collectibles online are posted now without any bids while just a few years ago people used to fight to outbid themselves. In the end, its all about the true collectors now and they guys looking just to make a buck are slowly getting out of the business. For me, it was always nice to see how each casino made special little things for their guests but now virtually none of them do it anymore. It all goes back to the old time bosses knew how to take care of their customers, now only the high rollers are exclusive to that treatment, but back then everyone was treated like a high roller.

Anonymous said...

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